Close to the history

The town Opochka is the administrative center of the Pskov region. Opochka was founded as a fortress which on the river Velikaya, which developed into a town. This fortress was built out of «opoka», which means "chalk limestone, white clay."

Fans of the antiquity will be interested in the remains of the Opochetskiy Hill, which once served as a city fortification. There are the Church of St. John the Theologian, the Chapel of St. Panteleimon, the Church of St. Olga of Russia, which are located in the very city and in the surroundings of it.

The places connected with the life of the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin are truly fascinating. The family`s estate of the poet's mother, Museum-Reserve of A. S. Pushkin «Mikhailovskoye» (The Pushkin Museum-Reserve), is located about 39 km from Opochka. In Russian history Mikhailovskoye, Trigorskoye, Petrovskoye, Pushkinskie Gory (or Holy Hills) are well known as the memorial Pushkin’s places, connected with life and creative activity of the poet. Annually, thousands of tourists come here, scholars -Pushkinists and people who are not indifferent to the great Russian literature.

Alexander Pushkin was buried in the ancestral cemetery at the eastern wall of the Holy Dormition Svyatogorsky Monastery on February 6, 1837. Today, this monastery is an active male Orthodox monastery, located in the center of Pushkinsky Gory (or Holly Hills).
Dukhova Gora is a cultural, historical and archaeological monument. It is located in the tract of Litovka, near the village of Kirovo, Opochetsky district, in the Pskov region. In the era of the Slavs here on top stood the statue of Perun, the chief deity of the pagan Slavs. There exists data provig that Tsar Ivan «the Terrible» issued a decree before his death to compile a list of holy places which included Dukhova Gora. Thus, already at the end of the 16th century this mountain was already known as one of the holy places in Russia and like today it was a place of pilgrimage for many believers. Many people claim that when climbing a mountain, the compass needle behaves strangely influenced by the electromagnetic field acting in this area. The origin and the mechanism of the action of this phenomenon have not yet been thoroughly studied.

The spring "Gosudarevy kluchok" is located near the former village of Puzyrkovo, south of the village of Kozino, Opochetsky district, Pskov region. The springs consists of two which are knocking out from the depths of the earth ,from the slope of the deep basin about a meter apart from each other. In one of the springs the water is clean and pleasant to taste, in the other the water is stiff and ferruginous, it colours the pebbles in the stream and everything that gets into the water in reddish color.

Local people consider the waters of a light spring to be holy. According to the legend long ago Emperor Alexander II the Liberator hunted in these places and was treated with water from the spring in Puzyrkovo. The Tsar was foretold that a bright spring would give him not only health, but also longevity if he had regularly drunk that water. But having left from the saving spring to St. Petersburg, the tsar became a victim of terrorists.

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Through the town Opochka runs the M20 St. Petersburg-Pskov route, the distance from St. Petersburg is 412 km, from Pskov - 137 km.

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